Ninh Thuan, the land of "sunny as Rang, windy as Phan" (Phan Rang), associated with the sand, the sun and the gravel, still retains its pristine beauty with classic architecture of Cham towers, stunning blue beach and white sand, the fruits from the land of the sun and wind, agricultural products are extremely diverse, from the production of mountains and forests, of the sea, of the plain ... Everything is dyed with the color of the sun and wind – lying at the end of Truong Son mountain range.

Ninh Thuan lies at the end of ​​the Truong Son mountain range, whose topography decreases from the Northwest to the Southeast and mountains faces the sea. The territory is surrounded by three mountains, divided into 3 different types of topography, including: mountains, semi-mountainous hills and coastal plains. The province has a tropical savanna climate(opposite with the tropical monsoon climate)with a distinct dry season, the average temperature is 18°C. Thanks to this weather feature, Ninh Thuan’s grapes are more delish and sweeter than ones in other areas, becoming Ninh Thuan’s own specialty.

You can visit Ninh Thuan at any time of year because most of the time, the weather is nice. However, the peak periods are:

From May to August (summer): This is the ideal time for beach lovers because you can enjoy the typical “blue sea, white cloud, warm sunshine”. Also, this is not the peak season for tourism in Ninh Thuan, therefore, you don’t have to worry about the prices skyrocketing.

Vinh Hy beach – Ninh Thuan

From August to October: If you are in love with the mouth-watering ripe grapes in Ninh Thuan, then form August to October is a wonderful period for you to visit Ninh Thuan. The vineyards of more than ten hectares  can definitely seduce you. Additionally, during this time, many unique Cham’s festivals take place in Ninh Thuan. You can enjoy the festive atmostphere as well as experience the distinctive cultural space here.

Ba Moi Vineyard.

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