Ca Na salt fields

Ca Na beach, one of the best places to watch sunset in the world. 30km to the South of Phan Rang - Thap Cham city, in the area adjacent to Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan provinces, there lies the largest salt field of the country.

Ca Na salt and fish sauce – famous brand throughout Southeast Asia

Ca Na is a small fishing village with a history of over 100 years of salt producing dated from the French colonial period. Ca Na salt is considered to have the best quality in the country. It is favored because of its distinct rich flavor, which is also the main ingredient of Ca Mau’s famous specialty – Ca Na fish sauce. Thanks to the ratio of sodium chloride (pure salt) up to 95%, Ca Na salt plays an essential role in the processing of Ca Na fish sauce.

In addition, the round terrain surrounded by mountains, which stops the wind is also the reason why this land is less affected by the Southwest monsoon which brings rain in the summer, and inadvertently brings the ideal dryness to make salt. In fact, the best condition for salt farmers is the weather with temperature of 26-27 Celsius degree, the humidity of only 75-77%, low rainfall, much sunshine and wind.

And most importantly, Ca Na is also influenced by a very special natural phenomenon, the upwelling phenomenon – when the cold water flow moves from deep to shallow water, replacing the hot water, affecting the dryness of the region. This phenomenon makes many phytoplankton and nutrients appear on surfaces that are directly exposed to solar radiation, triggering photosynthesis, creating abundant food for marine animals. This is also the reason why Ninh Thuan salt is naturally transparent white and contains many minerals that are good for health, serving well for the processing industry.

It appears that Ca Na salt has been famous for a long time by combining the 100-year-old salt making techniques with the application of modern farming methods. Most importantly, the farmers has learnt how to turn the natural condition disadvantages into advantages, creating the salt grains that are crystalized faster, bigger and whiter than those of other places.

The beauty of salt hills

The huge salt fields along Ca Na Beach are more lively with the beauty of the hardworking farmers. Witnessing the farmers working diligently under the afternoon sunlight, you will fall in love more and more with the pure and salty “pearl”. This stunning scene has always been the inspiration for photographers with romantic souls.

In addition, Ca Na is an ideal destination with many stretches of soft white sand that contribute to the beauty of the coastal road. Ca Na beach is saltier than other places from 3 to 4 degrees, visitors only need to swim about 20m to see the colorful glittery coral reef, hidden under a depth of less than 2 meters.

The upwelling phenomenon also makes Ca Na fishing port become one of the three largest fishing grounds with abundant seafood. When you come here, do not forget to enjoy fresh seafood dishes prepared in local style.

On the way to visit or return from Ca Na salt field, do not forget to visit Mui Dinh lighthouse and Son Hai sand hill nearby. Nui Dinh lighthouse is located on the mountain of the same name, about 180m high from the sea. On coming here, visitors can admire the whole tranquil and enchanting landscapes. If you are interested in exploring local life, visit the sheep farm in Nhi Ha village with lambs grazing on the green pastures. The imagery that can only be found in some faraway countries is now in sight.

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