Rai Cave

Rai Cave, a beauty leaning on Chua mountain. The journey to explore Rai Cave along the 35km long sea route connecting Phan Rang - Thap Cham (Ninh Thuan) to Vinh Hy Bay is the most beautiful coastal road in Vietnam. Like the sleeping beauty in the forest, Rai Cave is waiting for you to “wake her up”.

“The beauty” on Chua mountain

There are so many unique gifts that nature has bestowed on this beautiful landscapes.

First of all, there is the stone park wonder which is the originality of the name “Rai Cave”. According to legend, this place used to be where otters seeked shelter in natural caves, from which it was given the name Rai Cave. The random arrangement of nature on hundreds of stones of all sizes has created mysterious caves, some of which only fit one person. Adventurous travelers can challenge themselves with cliffs climbing, then stand on the highest cliff to admire the grandeur of the ancient coral reefs.

Because of thousands of years of geological formation, coral reef populations resonate with the convex topography, forming many ancient coral layers of different heights which looks like an infinity pool layer in the sky. Whenever waves hit, rock slopes will react and make the water flow back into the sea, creating strange yet unique waterfalls. This “waterfall on the sea” phenomenon is a one of a kind sight, attracting many people to Rai Cave for a view and to dip in the natural “swimming pool”.

In the midst of the gorgeous rocky niche, romantic souls often share a a story of visiting the heart-shaped rock pit to pray for their love.

Rai Cave in sleepless nights

The best time to visit Rai Cave is at 5:30am when the dawn has just risen, many young people choose to camp overnight in Rai Cave to enjoy the beauty of “waterfall in the sea” at sunrise.

Staying in Rai Cave for a night also means you will have more time to explore the surrounding natural landscapes. As part of Chua Mountain National Park, the nature reserve of Vietnam, Rai Cave is also the place where turtles choose to reproduce anually. If you are lucky, you will have a chance to feed the turtles with moss provided by the Park management and more find out more information on the reservation of marine turtles in particular and wildlife in general.

And if you are a trekkingholic, take this opportunity to reach the summit of Chua Mountain on the crossroads across the Cau Giay hamlet, a village of the Raglay people. Conquering the Chua Mountain will also gives you a feeling of ecstasy with the majestic natural scenery at your feet and you will understand why the charming Rai Cave lady choses this place as her chamber.