The place which hasn’t been exploited by tourism

There aren’t only immense sand hills in Nam Cuong

Nam Cuong nestles in the legendary Cha Bang mountain, in the close vicinity of the Cham village. To visit Nam Cuong sand hills, tourists will see the beauty of nature and people of Ninh Thuan blending perfectly with each others.

Dances of the sand

On the tropics S-shaped country, Ninh Thuan is the land with the highest average temperature yet very little rainfall. In addition, rivers are sparse in the terrain making the development of Ninh Thuan tourism somewhat later than that of neighboring provinces in the South Central Coast. In return, this is an attractive destination for visitors to explore the wild natural landscapes and peaceful nature of the residents of this place.

About 8km from Phan Rang city, the Nam Cuong sand hills belonging to the Tuan Tu and Cham’s ethnic An Hai commune, Ninh Phuoc district is a perfect destination for adventurers.

In the past, Cham people in Ninh Phuoc district practiced fisheries, day by day, they crossed the sand dunes to go to the sea. Nowadays, it is easier to catch a glimpse of nomad kids herding cattle, leaving footprints on the sand. However, the image of Cham women’s rhythmic steps on the sand is the most charming scene. With healthy brown skin and colorful traditional costumes – long dresses that cover till the ankles, head scarves, faces aren’t covered – they walk swiftly in fast pace.

On an area of about 700ha, the dunes look more immense with Cha Bang mountain to the South East, and the East sea to the front. Sometimes they are herbaceous shrubs and some casuarinas thrive in the harsh weather.

Climbing the high hills, you can catch the panoramic views down to the immense white sand area. On windy days, the appearance of sand hills changes with quickly in a rhythmic way, making the travelers cherish the fleeting beauty created from thousands of tiny sand grains even more. The distinct beauty of sand hills in Ninh Thuan is like a beautiful piece of crockery, without which the beautiful works of nature in Vietnam can not be perfect.

And once you are here, everyone opens up all senses to be able to feel the finer beauty that nature offers, then enjoys the pursuit of locals hunting to find the precious specialty hiding under the sand: the butterfly lizards.

On the way back from Nam Cuong sand hill, remember to go slowly on the winding road, across the quiet villages. The journey up and down the hills will bring you to a new scenery after each turn. Along the road are the vineyards, apple farms with green and purple as the main colors changing according to the seasons. Connected with the immense fields of pure white salt, the sheep farms have become the specialty of the Cham’s neighborhood as a symbol of the harmony between the two nations.