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Q: What items should I bring to Ninh Thuan?

A: Ninh Thuan is well-known for being sunny, windy and dry. That’s why the weather here is pretty tough, especially, in the summer, it’s usually very sunny and hot. Therefore, in order to cover yourself from the sun, you should bring a light jacket, a hat and a scarf. Besides, you should also bring sunscreen or prepare basic medicines and your personal belongings. Additionally, do not forget your swimming goggles since you will have the chances to watch the sea creatures living under the ocean from afar. It will be an interesting experience for people who love to explore.

Q: What can I buy as souvenirs in Ninh Thuan?

A: Fresh grapes, wines other products from grapes and Phan Rang apples are suitable choices. If it’s a short trip, you can buy seafood with reasonable prices. Besides, visiting the craft villages, you can buy the miniatures of Cham towers, ceramic vases, flower pots or decorative items made of pottery.

Q: What are the main touristic directions  in Ninh Thuan?

A: Starting grom Phan Rang city, visitors can go along Nguyen Van Cu road, Truong Chinh. Crossing Tri Thuy bridge, visitors turn right to the coastal road – provincial Highway No.702. After crossing beautiful roads of 40km long with one side is the sea and the other is the green forests, visitors will reach Vinh Hy.

After enjoying the beach and seadfood at Vinh Hy, visitors get on the board and head straight to Rai Cave. On completing this expedition, visitors follow the provincial Highway No.702 to the Northeast to reach the pristine Binh Tien beach.

Leaving Binh Tien, visitors follow the winding pass to get to Highway No.1A. From here, you can continue your trip in Ninh Thuan.

Q: Where can I stay in Ninh Thuan?

A: In Ninh Thuan, there are lots of hotels, motels and resorts with reasonable prices. Homestay services here have not been developed well, however, you can still take the following list as a reference:

      Sunny Hotel: This is one of the best hotel in Ninh Thuan yet the prices are reasonable. Situated at No.63 Nguyen Troi and near Ninh Thuan post office, Sunny has an airy space and clean rooms. The hotel also offers services like breakfast, motorbike-renting,… The average price for a double room is around 300,000VND per night.

     Friend Homestay: Situated in Ninh Hai, Ninh Thuan, this is a recently-opened homestay. Friend Homestay is a lovely little villa offering affordable accommodation for tourists. Clean rooms and friendly host are two of the advantages of this homestay. Price is around 100,000VND/person.

     Inra Champa Cultures Homestay: This is a homestay located withn them peaceful Cham’s village. With Cham’s design, this homestay does not only offer food service and accommodation but the staff here will also explain carefully for you about the cultures in the life of Cham’s ethnic. The avẻage price for a double is 150,000VND per night.

      Amanoi Resort: If it is possible, you need to try this luxurious 6-star resort. With prices from 14 million VND, Amanoi is considered as the resort for the upper class exclusively. Having classy space and excellent services, Amanoi is the dream resort for people who love resort.

Q: What are the Sai Gon – Phan Rang and Phan Rang – Sai Gon trains?

A: Sai Gon – Phan Rang trains:

      TN2: Sai Gon (10AM) – Cham Tower (5PM)

     SE6: Sai Gon (3.45PM) – Cham Tower (9.30PM)

     SE8: Sai Gon (6.30AM) – Cham Tower (12PM)

      Ticket contact: No.1 Nguyen Thong, Ward 9, District 3, HCMC. Phone: 028.39318952

Phan Rang – Sai Gon trains:

      SE5: Cham Tower (9.10PM) – Sai Gon (4.40AM)

     SE1: Cham Tower (10PM) – Sai Gon (4AM)

     TN1: Cham Tower (6.48PM) – Sai Gon (3AM)

     SE7: Cham Tower (9AM) – Sai Gon (3PM)

      Ticket contact: No.7 Phan Dinh Phung, Do Vinh Ward, Phan Rang City, Thap Cham. Phone: 0259.888029

Q: Where can I rent a motorbike in Ninh Thuan?

A: List of addresses offering motorbike-renting service in Ninh Thuan:

  1.    Quang Tu: No.184 Ngo Gia Tu, Phan Rang – Thap Cham, Ninh Thuan; Contact: 0259.6267.269
  2.    Phan Rang motorbike-renting service: No.175 Le Duan, Phu Ha, Phan Rang – Thap Cham, Ninh Thuan; Contact: 0933.941.639
  3.    Pr Bike: Tn77, Thong Nhat, Ninh Thuan; Contact: 0164.363.0168
  4.    Phan Rang Ninh Thuan motorbike-renting: No.71 Hung Vuong, My Huong, Phan Rang – Ninh Thuan; Contact: 0986.617.172
  5.    Anh Tung motorbike-renting: No.43 Tran Nhan Tong, Thanh Son, Phan Rang – Ninh Thuan; Contact: 0907.550.556
  6.    Honda motorbike-renting: No.338/8 Thong Nhat, Phan Rang – Thap Cham, Ninh Thuan; Contact: 01699.611.664
  7.    Cheap motorbike-renting: Group 11 Thanh Ha commercial centre, Phan Rang – Thap Cham, Ninh Thuan; Contact: 0937.800.646

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